Nano Tilt

Enjoy the health benefits of having a table that allows you to sit and stand with ease. These include promoting better circulation, better breathing, better digestion, as well as keeping the mind focused and relieving back pain. That being said, not all needs are the same, therefore Impekk offers a wide range of lift and specialty tables to meet your requirements. Students love having the NANO TILT in the classroom, it allows them to have healthier movements throughout the day. It even has a hook to hang your back-pack or other accessory bags! NANO TILT is an option that allows all students to be active while learning. The NANO TILT is not only for the classroom, but it is also an option that allows for versatility in the work environment because it can be used in smaller meeting areas, as well as within offices for extra adjustable workspace, perfect for meeting nooks. It can also be used in hotels, home offices, and other various work environments. NANO TILT will open up your world to new mobility options.

2 + 5 years warranty If something goes wrong, we'll fix it. Easy.


2 + 5 years
4 feet w/casters on a center post
Width of Base
18-3/4” (47.7cm)
Weight Capacity
16lbs (7.3kg)
Height Range
745mm to 1145mm (29-1/2" to 45.1")
Desk Surface
23-5/8” x 20-1/2” (600 x 520cm)

Dimensions (box)

725mm (29.0")
230mm (9.0")
610mm (24.0")
Total Weight
16kg (35.0lbs)