The Brand that Represents the Highest Standards & Quality Control

  Impekk has established a unique approach to sourcing and product development unmatched in the industry. The result has been the creation of the QLine Brand by Impekk brand name. By design and specific strategic choice Impekk works with different partner / supplier factories for each of its core product families. A manufacturer of products bearing the QLine brand name must comply with an extensive series of rigorous and important quality criteria. Each partner / factory must also be a specialist in the particular hardware product being manufactured, not a manufacturer of multiple product lines. A brief listing of only some of our criteria:
  • Testing and certification to North American and QLine standards
  • Specific grade and origin of steel
  • Specific method and process time in cleaning and galvanizing steel
  • Specific quality of plastics
  • Testing of all materials used with regard to environmental factors
  • Specific origin and quality of lubrication materials
  • Specific precision and uniformity of screw holes
  • Identification of exact dates of production