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  Impekk is the Canadian leader in wall bed systems design, engineering, innovation and safety.  We have a team in place with over 20 years of working, selling, sourcing and developing anything related to wall beds.  Our wall bed program is the most versatile out there.  We offer several types of mechanisms as well as options to upgrade the comfort, aesthetics or functionality of any wall bed project. With EVÖK, the newest brand under the Impekk umbrella we aim to offer quality products in a market that requires products that are more versatile, easy to install, as well as adapted to needs, standards and safety requirements.  This brand represents manufacturing quality, European comfort, Canadian engineering.  Impekk has established a unique approach to sourcing and product development unmatched in the industry.  The inspiration for the name is the french word ”évoque” which means to recall, remember and appreciate a memory.  We thought this was the perfect way to name our brand, because this is the best way to remember YOUR bed.  In an EVÖK… A manufacturer of products bearing the EVÖK brand name must comply with an extensive series of rigorous and important quality criteria. Each partner / factory must also be a specialist in the particular hardware product being manufactured, not a manufacturer of multiple product lines.  Our business partners are a very important part of the EVÖK success. A brief listing of only some of our criteria:
  • Testing and certification to North American and Impekk standards
  • Specific grade and origin of steel
  • Testing of all materials used with regard to environmental factors
  • Fully integrated quality control program
  • Sourcing management every step of the way