EVÖK 200 Series

The EVÖK 200 Series is a very high end product that allows for the use of heavier mattresses and more intense usage than most wall bed mechanisms in the industry.  European/Canadian design and manufactured in Europe, EVÖK 200 is self-balancing and has a full list of features making this mechanism the way to go:


  • Available in several sizes.
  • 5 year limited warranty.
  • Outside & inside mount available.
  • A properly adjusted bed will not free fall. It will hold in place where the motion is stopped, therefore removing any need for a latch to keep the bed closed.  The bed holds in place even if leveled because the tension in the springs adapts depending on the angle of the bed.
  • Springs do not weaken over time.
  • Bed mechanism will not break, even if goes all the way down to the fl­oor.

EVÖK 200 brochure