Anti-Fatigue Mat

Impekk’s anti-fatigue mat is made from rubberized gel foam, which makes working standing up much more comfortable and effectively reduces stiffness and pain. The anti-fatigue mat is great for those who work in workshops, hospitals, cash registers, and counters, in kitchens and at the office. It is perfect for residential and commercial use. Pair our anti-fatigue mat with one of our height-adjustable tables for better comfort!


Items Specifications
Code LTACC-ASM50x90-NR
Size 876.3 mm x 508 mm (34-1/2” x 20”)
Thickness  17 mm (11/16 ”)
Material  Rubberized Gel Foam


Black (NR)


Benefits of Using the Anti-Fatigue Mat:

  1. Reduces migraines and headaches.
  2. Eases stiffness of neck and shoulders.
  3. Stimulates blood circulation.
  4. Minimizes pressure of the spine and strains of the back.
  5. Relieves lower back pain.
  6. Requires less energy to support the back and leg muscles.
  7. Reduces heel and ankle pain.









The mat’s beveled edge is designed to avoid tripping over and its special textured surface is designed to be antiskid on both sides.

For a printable IBEX brochure or instructions for The Anti-Fatigue mat, CLICK below.