The Multitude

The Multitude

Save 3 times more space!  This training table with easy to flip top is the perfect option for schools, conference rooms as well as office environment.  Operates easily with one hand.  Assembly is quick and table will be ready to use once a top is added. Model is available in 3 colours to better fit the rest of the furniture in your institution.


Has a very sturdy steel frame that is made to nest within the next frame which allows a a great space saving option as well as a versatile and efficient new way to use your space.

Items Specifications
Code 48" FT1245-xx
Code 60" FT1545-xx
Code 72" FT1845-xx
Activation Manual
Legs 2 legs with 2 casters each.
Casters Adjustable in height and swivel (2 with brakes)
Other Privacy panel included

White swatch Grey swatch black swatch
White (BL) Grey (GR) Black (NR)


For a printable brochure of all of our models and instructions for The Multitude, CLICK below.