Having the possibility to work in a sitting or standing position has many health benefits.  These include promoting better circulation, better breathing, better digestion, as well as keeping the mind focused and relieving back pain.  These are only some of the advantages of having the choice of having a flexible workspace.  This lift table is a great option for residential as well as office use.


This electrical model has two legs and two motors.  The table is configured as a “C”-Frame, meaning that the columns are offset towards the back. This allows for an array of under table accessories to be added easily.  This table also has built-in wire management trays, for a tidier look.  The remote control has an LED readout that allows the user to see the height of the table, as well as having  3 programmable presets that enable the user to save up to 3 favorite working heights. The very quiet motors will stop the lift or descent action if the table has excess weight on one side or collides with any object. Once the intrusion is corrected, the table will function normally.* A reset may be required. It is adjustable in length and width to give you the most options possible for top size.

The Contour is renowned for extreme reliability, and this model features a high level of programmability for things such as “time to stand-up” alarms, and collision sensitivity settings.

White (BL)
RAL 9016
Grey (GA)
RAL 7045
Black (NR)
RAL 9005


Items Specifications
Code ALN-LTM-2L3S-C-xx
Activation Electrical LED  switch with 3 presets
Legs 2 Legs with rectangular profile
Weight Capacity 105 kg (231 lbs)
Height Range 600 mm to 1250 mm (23-31/50” to 49-21/100”)
Width Range 1100 mm to 1900 mm (43-5/16” to 74-4/5”)


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