EVÖK 400 Series

The EVÖK 400 Series is based on the 200 & 300 Series, but allows for a sofa in the front of the wall bed which adds even more versatility.  It’s perfect for dorm rooms, hotel suites or multipurpose rooms and is also intended for intense usage.  European/Canadian design and manufactured in Europe, EVÖK 400 is self-balancing and has a full list of features making this sofa wall bed mechanism the way to go:


  • Only wall bed on the market with a sofa in the front that collapses the sofa when it opens.  No need to remove the cushions!
  • Available in several sizes.
  • 5 year limited warranty.
  • A properly adjusted bed will not free fall. It will hold in place where the motion is stopped, therefore removing any need for a latch to keep the bed closed.  The bed holds in place even if leveled because the tension in the springs adapts depending on the angle of the bed.
  • Springs do not weaken over time.

evok 400 brochure